Reflejo has been masterfully trained by Paso Fino Hall of Famer, Cese Figueroa.  It is with Cese's skillful technique and gentle hands that Reflejo is the Champion that he is today.

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Cese with Reflejo
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Cese with Reflejo


Pat and Cese founded Tuckaway Paso Fino Horse Farm in 1994.  Tuckaway is located in the lush foothills of the Smokey Mountain in Landrum, South Carolina.  Tuckaway Farm has been recognized as one of the leading Paso Fino training facilities in the southeastern United States.  Tuckaway Farm is a full service facility with 34 permanent stalls, foaling accommodations, stallion breeding shed, round pen and riding arena, and miles and miles of trails.

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Pat & Cese
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Cese Figueroa, born in Viequez, Puerto Rico, is a past President of the Paso Fino Horse Association and one of the original certified judges.  At Nationals 2000, Cese was awarded the highest honor of all:  Induction into the Paso Fino Hall of Fame.  Both Pat and Cese have been awarded Trainer of the Year by their peers.  Pat Figueroa has also won 2 Appaloosa World Championships.

Pat and Cese Figueroa have demonstrated the ability to bring out the best in a Paso Fino so that the Paso Fino can be the best that it can be.  They have been a popular recognized team in the Paso Fino industry for more than 20 years with over 70 years of experience training, showing, and breeding Paso Fino Horses.

Pat and Cese Figueroa are dedicated and committed to training Paso Finos to be the best that they can be. 

As professionals, Pat and Cese would like to recognize the high level of accomplishments of Charles Rondeau.

1999NatlChAOFinoStallion.jpg (134256 bytes) Charles Rondeau
Reflejo El Classico
1999 National Champion Amateur Owner Fino Stallion
1999ResGrandNatlChampAO.jpg (29901 bytes) Charles Rondeau
Reflejo El Classico
1999 Reserve Grand National Champion Amateur Owner Fino Stallion
Reflejo2000.jpg (91688 bytes) Charles Rondeau
Reflejo El Classico
2000 Reserve National Champion Amateur Owner Fino Stallion
Independencia2001.jpg (88543 bytes) Charles Rondeau
Independencia Prestante
2001 National Champion Amateur Owner Fino Filly
IndepPrestReflejoElClassico.jpg (88543 bytes) Cese and Pat Figueroa
   Independencia Prestante
Derik Fernandez, Charles Rondeau
   Reflejo El Classico
2001 National Champion
Produce of Dam
2002NationalsIndy.jpg (88543 bytes) Cese Figueroa
Independencia Prestancia
2002 Reserve National Champion Bella Forma Mare

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