Win a ribbon at Nationals, or earn a hi point, with a Reflejo son or daughter and receive a complimentary breeding to Reflejo. Earn a placement at the World Cup with Reflejo son or daughter and receive a complimentary breeding.
Whenever you breed two mares to Reflejo receive a complimentary breeding.

Breeding Fee $2000.00

"Believe In The Future"

Reflejo El Classico is at home in Ocala, Florida and available for live cover or shipped frozen or cooled semen.  He has been evaluated by Dr. Carolyn Von Rosenberg, DVM, and she says:  " He has outstanding great semen.  We have collected 40 CC with a 9 Billion sperm count that has over 90% motility."

Reflejo is participating in the breeding program at Equi Transfer with  Dr. Jose Davilia.

Reflejo el Classico is the grandson of the legendary Plebeyo and a son of El Classico, out of Bandolera (great granddaughter of the immortal Bocchia) a daughter of Chaminade and Capuchino de Bochica.  If you have Resorte or Capuchino bloodlines, your choice of stallion should be Reflejo el Classico.


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El Classico Son - Plebeyo Grandson - Bochica Great Grandson

Reflejo Show Career

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The mares of Prestancia have been carefuly selected for their bloodlines, many of which are recognized respected by our senior breeders (Chucuano, Pandereta, Bochica, Monarca, Guazipungo Plebeyo, Caruso de la Ate, Anfitrione, Faeton LaCe Carezo, Kofresi, Marisa, Chaminade) These mares are proven and winners. They are available in utiro on lese, or can be purchased. We will work with you to acheive you goals.

Lolita de Prestante
Lolita's tremendous heritage has produced beauty, brains, brio, hocks power and fino. She has won two hipoints in Bella Forma and two hipoints in Fino Amateur owner.


Lolita Show Career

Poquita de Miel
Tremendous bloodlines that are proven and recognized by our senior breeders. Poquita is available open or in foal to Reflejo El Classico.


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(dame of Reflejo el Classico)
By: Charles Rondeau

Bandolera, the mare that won 2001 National Produce Of Dame, won the fight of her life and it was not at Nationals. It was February 25, 2002, and it was the vets third evaluation and treatment of Bandolera in two days. She had that listless look in her eyes. Bandolera would paw and pace in her stall. We put her out and all she wanted to do was lay down. The pain must have been unbearable. She had been oiled and was on medication. Dr. Sausville made the call to the Veterinary School at the University Of Florida in Gainesville. He referred Bandolera for further evaluation ,observation and possible colic surgery.

The initial evaluation at the University verified that Dr Sausville was correct and that we had to get through the night. At 3:30 AM Dr Loesch called and recommended Surgery. That’s when it became complicated, as Bandolera was pregnant and near full term. At 7:30 AM Dr. Loesch called again. It did not look good for either Bandolera or her unborn colt. The prognosis provided few options, with little hope. We decided to go for it. At 10:00 am Dr Loesch called and said it was a true miracle that Bandolera was standing in her stall. It was a 4 1/2-hour colic surgery that produced calcium stones from her colon

Bandolera was far from out of the woods and the unborn colt was suspect resulting from the prolonged anesthesia. The natural birthing process could cause a blow out of the colic surgery, and time would be on the side of the unborn colt. Two weeks had passed and Dr Loesch wanted Bandolera to foal out in a natural controlled environment. We contacted Jody Anderson at The Broodmare Resort in Ocala, Florida. Jody and Dr. Loesch made arrangements and Bandolera was transported to The Broodmare Resort where she would be under 24-hour electronic surveillance

It was early March 15th when Jody called with the good news. Bandolera had a colt and that both the colt and and Mother were doing great.

Bandolera is the dam of the celebrated stallion Reflejo El Classico and National Champion Independencia Prestante. The new colt is a full brother to Independencia.

Bandolera, 2001 National Champion Produce Of Dam, has proven that she is a champion in more ways than one.

She is proven fino producer. Open for negociation.

"Believe In The Future"

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